Creative fine dining mastery

Chef Majk

Learn to create and cook fine dining dishes at home and plate them with elegance

What is it about

From total beginners to seasoned home cooks, my cooking coaching seeks to help ambitious food lovers to transform simple ingredients into fine dining masterpieces.

Driven by a profound passion for food, the online coaching program will encourage you to create beautifully prepared dishes at home while learning all important fine dining cooking techniques.

Master the art of fine dining with premium interactive coaching

Whether you crave change in your kitchen or wish to delight your friends and family with a memorable culinary experience, this coaching program will help you delve into fine dining. Through 1-on-1 online coaching, I will assist you in tieing together every tiny detail that leads to iconic dishes.

This is not your classic premade “follow this step-by-step” course type, but a fully personalized experience for you.

Build your personal repertoire of dishes

Instead of following pre-designed recipes that you may not always like, I will teach you all the important techniques you need to know to develop your own dishes and create an eclectic mix of flavors, aromas, textures, and visual splendor at home.

Learn from a fine dining expert

Combining deep cooking expertise and experiences from Michelin-star restaurants with my self-developed time-proven teaching system, I am here to help you overcome the average at-home cooking standard and create inspiring dishes with Michelin-star-worthy taste and look.

Give Your Dishes A More Personal Signature

Why settle for the same soulless recipes when you can become the master of your personally-inspired dishes? Put on your apron, roll on our sleeves, and give your taste palette something to remember!

Meet chef majk

My name is Michal Kováč and I am 33 years old. Before I started personal coaching 3 years ago I spent 12 years in fine dining restaurants including restaurants with Michelin stars.

I did not learn cooking from books. I had to learn the hard way. Worked thousands of hours in fine-dining restaurants to learn how to cook properly.

Working 16 hours a day with no breaks in a Michelin-star restaurant just because I wanted to see how it is working on the top level. Hundreds of days full of stress and hard work with one of the best chefs in the world.

But you don’t have to!

With my guidance, you will be able in just a few months to learn more about fine dining cooking than most home cooks in their whole lives.

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By the end of my coaching, you will be able to:



The plan and structure of the coaching will be made personally for you depending on your needs and goals, but coaching is always long-term (at least 8 weeks). In a shorter period of time, I am not able to teach you anything properly.

I am going to teach you everything personally via video calls.

The plan of the coaching can be adjusted depending on your goals and equipment. But in general, you need just basic stuff like an oven, blender, pan, pot, strainer, peeler, and knife.

Then if you tell me you have for example blue torch, sous vide, ice cream machine, molds… we will use them if you want to. If you don’t have them, we don’t need them. They are not crucial for coaching and learning to cook in general.

Coaching is primary for amateur home cooks. But it can be also used with private chefs who would like to learn how to cook fine dining dishes for their clients at home.

If you are a professional chef working in a restaurant and your plan is to be a top-class chef, I would recommend you to find a good restaurant with a good head chef and learn there, that will be a much better way for you.

The point of the coaching is for you to learn to cook the food you or your friends/family like, not what I like. Taste is a very personal thing.

My goal is not to teach you to cook just the same things as I do. My goal is to teach you everything important you need so you can develop your own cooking and plating style.

My goal is to get you to the point that you don’t need me anymore and you can enjoy cooking and creating your own dishes without me but with understanding what you are doing.

Patreon is a platform primarily designed for individuals who wish to support my work on YouTube. There, you can access bonus content, my favorite recipes, and some plating tips. However, it does not include coaching services. While you can ask me a few questions there, the platform mainly focuses on video content.

On the other hand, my personal coaching offers a more sophisticated, long-term training program personalized to your needs and goals, including a detailed plan and one-on-one calls with me personally. Naturally, the price for this personalized service is significantly higher.

If you want to learn a few tips and tricks and support my work, Patreon is for you. If you want to learn fine dining cooking from A to Z with me personally, coaching is the only way to go.

I am not able to tell you the exact price now as I don’t know what we will do and for how long. Coaching is personally made for every person separately.

So I recommend you to apply bellow and when I find out your situation and make a plan for you, then I can tell you a price for it.

You have to be able to invest at least 2-3 hours per week in cooking + 1 hour for our call.

But of course, the more time you spend cooking, the better results you get.

Of course I cannot guarantee you that you will be a Michelin star chef overnight. There are different people with different starting skills and the amount of time and energy they will put into the coaching.

But I can guarantee you that if you will execute our steps and you take the coaching seriously your dishes before and after will be like night and day.

My coaching is not that much about cuisines, as about fine dining techniques. Because things like, how to:

  • make puree properly
  • make sauce
  • make something crispy
  • do plating
  • keep something hot
  • balance a taste, etc.

are everywhere the same. Important is to learn different techniques and then you can use them in any cuisine you like.

But in general, I have been trained in European/French restaurants so if you would like to learn how to make sushi, dumplings, or kung pao I am not the person for you.

If your English is at the communication level, you have an internet connection, a place to cook, time, money, and energy to invest in learning and cooking, the coaching is for you. The country doesn’t matter.

Keep in mind that I receive over 100 applications every month and can only accept a few new students. I am responding only to those who seem like a good fit in terms of time zone, your goals, and needs. If I feel I cannot help you, I will not answer.

If you are really interested in pursuing this, try applying again or send me a message on Instagram or Facebook, and we can discuss options for you.

Reach The Fullest Of Your Culinary Potential

Create fine dining dishes that are a feast for the eyes & an unexpected surprise for the taste buds.